Conference Designer

Our Conference Designer is Alex Norton.

PCNA owes a huge debt of gratitude to Alex for the work he has put in on developing the design aspects of our recent Conferences, such as the web banners and the Conference postcard/date claimer.

If you would like to contact Alex, his email is visual_outbreak@yahoo.com.au

A few words from Alex.....

"Working as an artist came from a natural desire to focus on the way visuals can make a person feel. The subtle use of colour, texture, orientation and layout can fill people with any number of emotions, and that has always been a calling of mine. Whether it's creating a website, designing a building or making a video game, you can always find me making pages of notes of shapes, colours and styles to use. I take it very seriously!

Designing the concept for PCNA was no different, and I was lucky enough to have them be very open to ideas, giving me quite a bit of free reign over the design. I immediately related to the vibrance of the purple in their logo and decided that it just had to be used. The ribbon theme came from my own personal experience with Palliative Care Nurses helping me during my own medical struggles. Ribbons represent gentleness, softness and calm, so it was a natural choice to represent them, and the door leading to a whirlwind of colour - to my eye - signifies how they are able to help patients step from one extreme to another. After the help they have given me, it felt great to be able to give something back.

So when you look at the designs surrounding PCNA, don't just skim over them; instead try to see what PCNA stands for."  -Alex Norton


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